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Bare Root Fruit Trees Now In

We now have the main shipment of our fruit trees in.  Don’t let this winter weather keep you from picking out plants for your yard.  If the ground isn’t frozen most plant do well being planted this time of year.  Also remember that the earlier you get your plants into the ground the more time they have to get roots into the ground before the hot dry weather of summer arrives.  Here is a general list of what we now have available in bare root fruit trees.

  • Apple (28 varieties and 7 varieties on dwarf rootstock)
  • Pear (10 Varieties)
  • Oriental Pear (5 varieties)
  • Cherry (13 varieties on Semi dwarf rootstock)
  • Plum (11 European varieties, 4 Japanese varieties)
  • Apricot (7 varieties)
  • Fantasia Nectarine
  • Combination Fruit Tree (9 types espaliered, 4 types tree form)
  • Filbert (4 varieties)

We are currently waiting on the weather to improve for our Peach trees to arrive, we will let you know either here or on our Facebook Page when they arrive.

There are also many fully rooted fruit trees and other edibles available in our garden centre including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, herbs, early vegetables, exotic edibles, potatoes and more.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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