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A List of Some of The Many Edibles We Now Have Available

This is a small list of what has just arrived and some of what will be arriving soon. There will be a larger selection of Tomatoes as the season progresses.  In addition to this list we also have a large selection of fruit trees, small fruits, herbs and exotic items available.  Due to demand not all varieties may still be available.

Bare- root Strawberries (Packages of 10 roots)
We also have a smaller selection of varieties as singles in 10cm pots.
  • Albion Everbearing
  • Eversweet Everbearing
  • Fort Laramie Everbearing
  • Hecker Everbearing
  • Quinault Everbearing
  • Seascape Everbearing
  • Tri Star Everbearing
  • All Star Summer Bearing
  • Hoeoye Summer Bearing
  • Kent Summer Bearing
  • Totem Summer Bearing
Bare-root Raspberries (Individual Plants)
  • Everbearing
  • Autumn Bliss
  • Double Delight
  • Fall Gold
  • Heritage
  • Nova
  • Red River


  • Summer Bearing
  • AAC Eden
  • Boyne Summer
  • Kilarney Summer
  • Latham Summer
  • Black Summer
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink Champagne
  • Chieftain Red Potatoes
  • Norland Red Potatoes
  • Red Viking Red Potatoes
  • Red Pontiac Potatoes
  • Sangre Red Potatoes
  • Pacific Russet Potatoes
  • Russet Burbank Potatoes
  • Jennifer White Potatoes
  • Kennebec White Potatoes
  • Warba White Potatoes
  • Bintje White Potatoes
  • Satina Yellow Potatoes
  • Yukon Gold Yellow Potatoes
  • Nicola Gourmet Potatoes (LOW GI Potatoes)
  • Colomba Gourmet Organic Potatoes
  • Gold Rush Organic Potatoes
  • Carolina Organic Potatoes
  • German Butterball Gourmet Potatoes
  • Marilyne Gourmet Potatoes
  • French Fingerling Potatoes
  • Cecile Gourmet Potatoes
  • Alta Blush Potatoes
  • Sieglinde Gourmet Potatoes
Onions, Shallots and Leeks
  • Red Onion Sets
  • Spanish Onion Sets
  • White Onion Sets
  • Yellow Onion Sets
  • Multiplier Onion Sets
  • French Gourmet Shallots
  • Walla Walla onion starters
  • Red Zepplin Starters
  • Green Banner Bunching Starters
  • Ambition Shallot starters
  • Large American Flag Leek  Starters
Tomatoes (Arriving Monday March 20,2017)
The following must be grown in a warm location until late May.
  • Slicing
  • Early Cascade
  • Early Girl
  • Fantastic
  • Moneymaker


  • Beesteak
  • Beefmaster
  • Beefsteak
  • Big Beef


  • Cherry
  • Husky Cheer Red
  • Jolly Elf
  • Sungold
  • Sweet 100
  • Sweet one Million
  • Tumbler – for baskets


  • Paste Tomatoes
  • La Roma

2 Comments on “A List of Some of The Many Edibles We Now Have Available

  1. We’ve recently moved to a new property and I’m trying to organize my plantings but I find your website very confusing, with 2016 comments i.e. “Early spring”–(you’re joking!) mixed in with only a few that seem like 2017.

    • Hi Rosemary, sorry for the confusion this has certainly been a slow spring. The easiest way to get information on plants is to come into our site, otherwise you are welcome to send us an email with items you are interested in. The email is info@greenthumbgardencentre.com

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